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International Spotted Model Horse Registry
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ISMHR Stud Book

Entry Guidelines

The International Spotted Model Horse Registry is currently taking horses to be put into the Stud Book.

No entries yet.

All owners of breeding color Stallions and Mares are invited to submit your registered horses for our exciting new publication. Two types of entries are available; a Regular Entry and a Premium Entry. Both entry types require the owner to submit their contact information and stable name if wanted.

~~ Regular Entry: Free for members ($.75 for non-members); will include the following: Name, Registry Number, Age, Color, Gender, a 4-Generation Pedigree, Breeding Dates and information, as well as any notable awards (Please include these if you want them in the book).

~~ Premium Entry: $1.00 per horse; will include the same information in a Regular Entry as well as a color photo of your horse and offspring records.

The Stud Book will be in alphabetical order by breed, then gender.

The cost will depend on printing costs and shipping with be $3.85 or send a USPS Priority Stamp.

1. Horses MUST be registered with ISMHR. (Pending registrations are accepted as well.) Non-member owners may submit their registered horses.

2. If the horse is multiple registred, please include that information as well.

3. Geldings that have breeding dates before being gelded are allowed, but must include dates available.

4. Show Records: Only include Champion placings, with the show name and date.

5. Offspring Record: Please only include the foals name, registry number (if applicable), and special awards, i.e. live show champion, photo show champion, ect.

6. ISMHR Notable Awards will be automatically included.

Photos can be submitted by regular (snail) mail or email. You must include a SASE and enough postage to return your photo(s). NO POSTAGE DUE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Photos may also be submitted by email in .jpeg (.jpg) format please, or else let us know where we can find them to add to the book.

All Premium and Regular Entries will remain in the Studbook for the life of your horse, or until you request to remove the entry.

Owners of the horse need to submit your farm name, address, email and/or a website.

Studbook Editor reserves the right to edit all submissions.

Send entries to the Studbook Editor:
email at
or via postal mail:

Emily Bailey
ISMHR Stud Book
734 Lippert Hollow
Allegany, NY 14706

If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or write the Studbook Editor.

Upgrading Regular to Premier is $1.00
If you find errors in your entry(s) please send an itemized list to the Studbook Editor so they can be corrected.

Entered Studs

No studs entered at this moment.


ISMHR * * Lippert Hollow * Allegany, NY * 14706