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International Spotted Model Horse Registry
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Register Your Horse!

Open to all horses that show pinto, appaloosa and pintaloosa markings!

Registration Form can be found on the Form Download page.

For the Pintaloosa Branch

**For equine to qualify in the "Pintaloosa" Catagory one must be eligible for one of the 3 types of group class. The class types are the EXACT types from the real horse registry.

Class A Type > horse must possess BOTH characteristic color patterns of the Pinto AND Appaloosa. (Proof of parentage not required.)

Class B Type > Proof of parentage is required for this Class type only - horse that shows only one (1) color pattern characteristic of either the Pinto or Appaloosa, but the parentage of the horse is Pinto and Appaloosa or Pintaloosa.

(example: a registered Class A Pintaloosa stallion is breed to a QH solid mare and the foal is born with only one color pattern type, this foal would be classified as a Class B type or if bred to a any spotted horse or another Pintaloosa)

(if a foal is born of a solid color, it can be put into the CPI program - "Certified Parentage Identification", one parent must be registered with ISHR. This is not a registration, but rather a certification of the hereitage it it possesses.)

Class C Type > If horse is of only one color pattern, but it is known (but can't be proved) that the sire and dam were Pinto and Appaloosa or Pintaloosa, then the horse will receive this classification. (or if the owner chooses, depending on the color markings, the horse can be registered as a Patchwork Paint or an Appaloosa)

(from drafts to miniatures)

For "Patchwork Paint" Branch

**For an equine to qualify in the "Patchwork Paint" Branch, they must have the following qualifications.

1) Horses must carry the characteristics of either tobiano, overo, tovero, or any of the other Paint coat colors.

2) Must be white markings above the knees and/or hocks OR white facial markings of an apron, bald, or bonnet face. Also may have striped hooves and blue eyes.


DSR Khustom Khrome, Arabian Stallion owned by Shannon Simon of Diamond S Ranch

For the Appaloosa Branch

**For an equine to qualify in the "Appaloosa" Branch, they must have the following qualifications.

1) An equine must have one or a combination of pattern type characteristics of any Appaloosa type spots. Any color is acceptable.
a) Blanket (solid or spotted)
b) Leopard (patterned/unpatterned or few spot)
c) Snowflake
d) Varnish
e) Frost/Mottled
f) Speckled
g) Ghost (which pertains to the "tiger horse" pattern)
h) Any other color type must be evaluated before registration is accepted but will be considered

2) The equine must also carry atleast one of the other Appaloosa characteristics including:
a) Mottled skin
b) Striped hooves
c) Blue eyes

These patterns and markings can be combined, forming several different patterns and/or markings on an Appaloosa.

1) REGISTRATION FEES: Membership Currently is Waived - fees vary for the "type" of membership:
-- Free with owner membership
-- $1.00 per horse if owner has no membership

**FEES: all monies must be paid in U.S. Currency Funds ONLY! (example: if a check is written from someone in Canada, they must also print above the money line "U.S. Funds" or next to the amount box)

2) REQUIRED PHOTO (with registration application):
Please attach one picture of the horse with it's registration form. This is to verify that the horse is of color. If you do not have a picture but would still like to register, we can accept the registration until a picture is shown, but the horse will not be able to take part in members programs until then.

There may be limited obstructions in the picture such as other horses, people but please no saddle on horse, no rider, and nothing in front of the horse.

**NOTICE: for registration application, see link. If you have a printer you can print these applications out. Or email the office and they can be sent to you via snail mail.


?? horses currently registered

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