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International Spotted Model Horse Registry
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This is the latest and up-to date page for all the new cool things in the registry!

Ok, we are now up to almost 8 members! We in the office have not been able to get everything back up-to-date and we are working on finding a publishing program that will work with all computers.

February 1, 2007

The computer is back up and running but some information was lost. Thankfully all the emails that were sent back and forth were saved with the information and most of the information can be saved again. I updated the membership list. We currently have four active members and their updated websites available on the Membership page. Members! If you have any new information going on, don't hesitate to let the rest of us know! If it's any cool information on one of your horses, a new addition to the herd or something that you think is cool. Please let everyone else hear about it!
We added a new page to the site. It is called Registry Champions. It was made to list the horses that have achieved awards. Currently it is empty but we are accepting awards and points from April 2006 to now. Please send them in. Don't forget about the Stud Book too! Also, your horses get awards in the Foundation Program as well.
We have a Photobucket account and when horse's information gets reorganized, we would like to open a gallery of the registered horses. Any ideas? Or concerns?
Also, there is some thought of opening up a forum site for the registry so members can get more involved. Is there any objects to this? Please voice your opinion. We added a Comment Book to this page, please voice what you think about everything!

January 18, 2007


The main computer that held all the registry information is currently dead. The hard drive is gone and we are awaiting a new one so we can re-enter the information on all the members and horses that were registered.

The registry website has a new look with a couple new pages and some new arrangements to make the site easier to move around.

Also, there are some people that need to contact the registry. These people are EVERYONE that PREVIOUSLY joined the registry prior to December 2006. Please contact the registry via email at Everyone that wants to join, fill out the form on the membership page, all returning members, please fill it out as well. There is a selection for returning.


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We may make past editions of the newsletter available for download.

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