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International Spotted Model Horse Registry


If you would like to see your horse anywhere on this site, please email us a picture, your name, and the horse's name.

NOTICE: This registry is on a short term disbanment due to mechanical errors and possible file lose. We will re-open when the problem is fixed and will contact any person that is still interested. Please leave a message to be contacted at. Thank you and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Please read the ISMHR Daily Form page for the most currently changes and additions to the registry.

Welcome to the International Spotted Model Horse Registry!

Open to all spotted horses of any breed, spotted color, gender and makes!

Welcome to the site of the International Spotted Model Horse Registry! The ISMHR is a registry that was started to help recognize model horses with color, no matter the breed, gender, type or heritage. This registry is working right with the real horse registry of the International Spotted Horse Registry (they can be found in the Links page). So we are striving to follow the rules of the real Spotted Horse Registry and be as close and real as possible.

This registry is open to ALL horses that show color. They must have either pinto, appaloosa or even pintaloosa markings. (BSO horses are only allowed if they have atleast 5 proven off-spring which have color.) These horses can be of any breed, color patterns, gender, heritage and make/mold.

Our purpose is to be able to register these colorful horses, promote the showing of model "colored" horses and make collecting and owning model horses a fun hobby!

We are working on offering many great programs including Awards Program for both the shower and breeder, Showcase Horses for the horses that are exceptional, Showcase Stable for the owner that is exceptional, Stud Book, and also monthly shows. We also will be offering a newsletter that will go out to members.

For the most current information, be sure to join the discussion group on Yahoo.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

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we are currently working on adding a link to a group forum. Please let us know what you think!



Editor's Note

The computer that has all the registries information on it is currently in repair. The hard drive needs to be replaced. I was able to save almost all of the information but people will need to resend photos if they were not saved on the registry email. Thank you for you cooperation.

It has come to my attention that the format of the newsletter that I had done it in will not work with the members computers... I am currently working on getting it fixed and finding a different program to publish it with. I tried to publish it to the web but alas, that didn't work either. Please wait. Thanks!
This is the Highlighted Horse of the Week Column!

To showcase your model, send us an email saying why your horse is exceptional and be sure to email a picture as well so we can post it!

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